Step 1: Order

December 13, 2008

Marketecture: The discipline of creating, building, and implementing effective and successful marketing strategies using principles based on scientific and creative processes, developed by G Scott Inc.

Marketectural Analysis

Step 1: Order

Order gives priority and importance to all the elements of your marketing strategy. The first and most important element of any strategy is defining the point where customers pay your firm. The next important step is to identify why your customers will pay your firm. You must identify the most important and beneficial step that your company faces. Work on that step. Everything marketing aspires to accomplish will come to fruition or be discarded as unimportant as you strategically take steps forward, focusing on the natural order of business. Remember to become an effective marketer you must strictly follow the order of importance of which your marketing efforts will effect the transaction in which customers pay your firm and what motivates your customers to pay your firm instead of competitor or substitute product or service.

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