Stage 2: Arrangement–Reflection

December 18, 2008

Stage 2: Arrangement–Reflection

Reflection: You must stop, look, and listen while you undertake marketing. In the spirit of progress you must always make sure that you’re moving in the right direction and your efforts are having an immediate impact on your sales and company’s performance. Reflection can mean many different things. There are many different way of “reflecting”. You can use web analytics, customer surveys, focus groups, consumer buzz watch, or “How you found out about us” questions during checkout. Typically you won’t get more than a 2-5% return on the passive feedback methods such as surveys, customer buzz watch, or How You Found Out About Us. Strive to get feedback from 100% of your customers. Do everything you can to talk, interact, and find out what their personal buy process was. Find out what motivated them to use your product. Try to determine which benefits were the most important to them. This will help you understand how to more efectively use and target your marketing budget for a return.

Web Analytics is a very important and growing way of measuring your marketng performance. I just finished reading a book called Web Analytics: An Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik. I would highly recommend it for any marketer who hopes to have anytype of presence online. If you don’t think it’s important to be be represented online, how can I explain this kindly…you’re wrong. You MUST have a presence online.

There are various companies and services that help you poll and survey your customers. I’ve used Allegiance and Survey Monkey in the past. Survey Monkey is a free online service. Allegiance is a very professional service that includes much more than surveys. If you really are serious about gettng customer feedback I’d recommend Allegiance.

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