Step 2: Arrangement–Perspective

December 16, 2008

Step 2: Arrangement–Perspective

  • Perspective: Strive to understand your products, promotions, placements, and pricing in the eyes of the target market. Changing from your perspective behind the desk to that of your customers helps you refine and develop more successful marketing strategies.
  • Company Customer
    Product Solution
    Promotion Information
    Placement Access
    Price Value

    Customer Perspective Marketing–SIVA

  • Solution: Does your product provide a significant or needed solution to consumer problems and/or needs?
  • Information: What is the best way to reach your consumers? How can they learn about your product? How much do customers need to know or understand in order to make a buy decision?
  • Value: Does the customer understand the value of the transaction, what it will cost, what are the benefits, what might they have to sacrifice, and what will be their absolute reward?
  • Access: Where can the customer find the solution? How easily/locally/remotely can they pay for your product and receive the benefits of your product?
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